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Dec 06, 2017

We are working with a large corporation that hosts the rise modules on their internal LMS system. 

Here is an example of one of the assets we created.

With some hacks we have been able to add "share this" functionality to the site. We want our users to share what they have learned with the outside world. Part of this would be creating "Teasers" of the rise modules that would sit on the open web, for anybody to view. These teasers would then direct them to the portal where they can signup and pay for the course etc.

Here is an example of our "teaser"

I want to use the mapping tool option as an item someone could share. HOWEVER. I don't think in this use case we need to have them "Continue" or "Start Course" - I really just want them to come directly to the first lesson. 

So that it's the first thing they view. Is something like that possible, has anybody come across a hack that would accomplish this?


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Tim Danes

I've been following this thread for quite some time, and as a software developer myself, I would think it's a fairly low effort / high results option to add to the roadmap/backlog.   The sort of thing you might put a spare developer onto for a day or maybe two max. 

Any thoughts about where this sits currently? (i.e. is it even on the roadmap/backlog, or...?)  I'd personally love to know whether it's 1288 on the list, so I can unsubscribe to this thread, or otherwise wait with baited breath for news of it in the next release :)

Cass Netzley

I'm not one to assume much, but I'd take a guess that Articulate Online is the current pet project getting the Dev time/$$$.  In recent months, I've been wondering when the next avalanche of Rise 360 features, updates, etc were going to be published-- now it's becoming wishful thinking.

Paul Tottle
Will Findlay

It almost makes you wonder if Articulate doesn't want Rise to be used this way.

Yes. If they did skip the start page the Rise content could be used anywhere in a website. It would become a fast and general web content creation tool. I suspect they've decided they want to maintain their focus in eLearning design and not see their advantage watered down.

Leone Hay

One of the reasons I would like this feature is that we sometimes enter courses different ways, so always having to see the top banner and start button can mess up the flow. This is also the case when wanting to build branching scenarios when wanting to link to a separate Rise. It would work beautifully if you could skip the start button, but as it is, it doesn't work so well for this.

Bill Dane

Here's my hack for a "web" export.

  1. open your exported site and click on the "Start Course" button and in the address bar, copy everything after index.htm and save it for later
  2. rename the exported index.html file to index_target.html
  3. create a new index.html file with only the bare necessities:
    <!doctype html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>Untitled Document</title>
  4. edit the javascript you just created to use the url string you copied earlier (keep the hashtag after ".html")
  5. Now open the index.htm file like you did before and the start screen is bypassed.