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We are working with a large corporation that hosts the rise modules on their internal LMS system. 

Here is an example of one of the assets we created.

With some hacks we have been able to add "share this" functionality to the site. We want our users to share what they have learned with the outside world. Part of this would be creating "Teasers" of the rise modules that would sit on the open web, for anybody to view. These teasers would then direct them to the portal where they can signup and pay for the course etc.

Here is an example of our "teaser"

I want to use the mapping tool option as an item someone could share. HOWEVER. I don't think in this use case we need to have them "Continue" or "Start Course" - I really just want them to come directly to the first lesson. 

So that it's the first thing they view. Is something like that possible, has anybody come across a hack that would accomplish this?


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Tim Danes

That's a great piece of work.  Thank you.
I still haven't gotten to it, but I'll need it to work for xAPI.  I'll post any updates if needed.

I think I've posted something like this before, but I'm a Product Analyst, so I understand some of the technical reasons for why they might not have done this yet, and it's kind of revealed in your tutorial to some extent.  However, I think Articulate are also missing the fact that it would open up new audiences and use cases that they may not have considered.  I believe the Return On Investment is there ... but Articulate dev team have disappeared into other areas of focus/improvement.  A bit of a shame really.

Despite that, I'll continue to love their products.  They're hands-down the most efficient and effective tools on the market (though not great on the hip pocket). 

And also ... it's people like yourself, smashing it out of the park in the Community Forums, that make Articulate the product it is.  They should listen to their Community Heroes.

Productboard Academy

I still haven't looked into xAPI, I'm new to these things :D but it's on my list! 

But I agree with you, if this case will be supported, they'll have to look into how customers will use it and if the product is ready for it.

Just like yourself, I love the interactivity Rise 360 brings, so I'll keep using it and integrate it with our LMS! 


Naga Sudheer Sharma
Melissa Harbour

I found the answer I was looking for... After publishing, you can edit the indexAPI.html file with the starting page of your choice. 

  1. First you'll need the URL of the page you'd like to start on. Unzip the exported course and in the "scormcontent" folder, open "index.html" in your browser.
  2. Navigate to the page you want and copy the URL after "index.html#". Should look something like:  file:///C:/Users/User/Documents/TrainingPackage/scormcontent/index.html#/lessons/-abcdefghijklmnops?_k=xyzmp30 
  3. Go back to the unzipped course files, in the "scormdriver" folder, open "indexAPI.html" with Notepad++
  4. Search for "StrContentLesson" and find the line: strContentLocation = "../scormcontent/index.html#/preview";
  5. In the indexAPI.html file, replace "preview" with the URL of the page you'd like to start on: 
    strContentLocation = "../scormcontent/index.html#/lessons/-abcdefghijklmnops?_k=xyzmp30";
  6. Save the indexAPI. html file.
  7. Rezip the files and you're good to go!

    Hi Melissa,

    This method does not seem to work in my case. Could you share a sample file?



Will Findlay

I was hopeful when I saw the announcement about themes today. My hopes rose more when I saw the Cover Page could be customized! I thought, "could it be that this update would include an option to disable the Cover Page?" But alas, my hopes were dashed.

Maybe it's coming someday though. There is space for it now! (See attached image with my hopeful interface suggestion).


Cover Page interface with on/off switch