(some) Learners completing courses in 5 seconds

Aug 11, 2022

Hey, we are looking to improve our statistics and tracking for all our courses and we notice that a small number of our learners choose to skip all the content and complete in 5 seconds or less. We would like to avoid these types of numbers in our statistics, but in general we trust the majority of of our learners are honestly engaging with the content because they want to learn so we don't want to introduce a load of complete the task above before your continue blocks. 
One suggestion we had in the team was to hide the lesson navigation bar so that they can't skip to the end directly. I don't love this suggestion because personally I love to have a clear road map of what I am going to be doing, I find it motivating. But we are working on producing much shorter course these days, so maybe this won't have a big negative effect. We also don't want to force users to take the material in a linear fashion, sometimes they might just want to look at something specific, or even go back to the learn for a refresh.
Anyway are there any other options to stop learners from skipping to complete on their first try?

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Tom Kuhlmann

If the course is important and they need to learn, then you have some sort of means to measure their understanding to prove the learning. 

You could put places where people interact with the content and allow their proof of understanding dictate how they move through the content and complete the course. I used to put assessment scenarios up front. if they passed they moved on because it showed they know the content. if they didn't they went through the content.