Sorting activity with images?

May 09, 2023

I would love to be able to make a sorting activity with images on the cards. I am almost certain that this isn't possible now, but might it be in the near future?


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Tim St. Clair

There is no way to do it through the interface, because Rise doesn't let you add images where text can go.

But the engine already supports it, if you know how to get the images into the card titles. This took me around 10 minutes, including building and exporting the course.

All that is needed is to allow images to be inserted in various block editors and it would work (and being able to add icons etc to text would be an added bonus).

Tim St. Clair

Hi Carol

Sorry it took a bit of time to remember how to do this, and in the intervening period since I hacked my previous demo together, Rise have changed their file structure for published courses, and I had to figure that out. I’ve put together a little course which shows you the basics of editing the course files in order to put images in. There’s also images in radio/checkbox questions, which you can do within Rise with some tomfoolery using the browser developer tools (Phil Foss has posted a few tutorials and videos). The drag-match and drag-sort tools have to be edited through the code.

You can play with my updated course online - - or download it (attached).