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currently I'm writing a storyboard for an elearning course in Rise. As this is my first storyboard in Rise, I'm not sure how to structure the storyboard. I did some storyboards for screenbased authorting tools, but the construction of the lessons in Rise is really different. Are there any devices or templates how to structure the storyboard?

And how do You compensate that there is no voiceover in Rise?

Thanks for Your help and sorry for my English, I'm no native speaker!

Are there any german speaking users to compare experiences in german?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Constanze!  Welcome to the discussion forum.  We're happy to have you.  😁

You can add audio in Rise with multimedia blocks.  Audio in Rise is initiated by the learner rather than playing automatically.

Authoring courses in Rise is a different experience than using Storyline.  Instead of working with slides, you're creating lessons for your learners to experience on any device.  Here's how to choose which tool is right for you

For inspiration on different layouts, check out the Rise examples here.

Shannon McGinnis

Hi Costanze,

I don't know if this helps or not but I created this simple template to storyboard Rise courses. I've found I don't always need this much detail but I do sometimes need a way to outline my lessons and figure out what content I might need. I usually just jump in and start building a course but it sometimes causes me to lose time and if I need someone else to approve the outline, this can help. I filled in some of it with sample information. You may not need all of this but hopefully some of it helps and you can edit it to fit your needs.  (The date auto-populates so you always know when you updated it.)

Claudia C

Hi Shannon, thank you for sharing your template.  I used it to create a storyboard for a course in Instructional Design I'm taking :). As a learning experience we had to use an authoring tool to create a module, so I used Rise but wasn't sure how to create a storyboard for it since Rise works in a different way than other tools I've used.  Your template worked well for me.