Storyline 360 Block into Rise 360, imported into LMS and talk to LMS Gradebook

Aug 02, 2021


I'm hoping there is a way to set up a Storyline 360 Block (single quiz question- acting like a survey question) added to Rise 360, then imported into an LMS- to talk to the LMS gradebook.

I'm working on a training in Rise 360. I created a Storyline 360 Block (a single quiz question), added the Storyline Block into the Rise 360 training. The quiz question (survey question) reads as follows: "Select “Yes” to certify you have completed the training."

I set the completion tracking for the Rise training to "Track Using Storyline Block" and selected the block. I also have checked and rechecked all other settings. When I take the training within D2L it shows that the training is complete, but it doesn't show in the gradebook. Is there a way to get the Storyline Block or Rise to talk to an LMS gradebook? 


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