Storyline Block- please finish watching video before continue


The combo of Storyline block and Continue button is a great way to control progress. However, if I use the SL block as video container with no interactivity control I cannot make viewer watch the whole video before continue.

Is there a known solution to this? (the only reason I am using a SL container is for the captioning)

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Dong Liang

The article doesn’t apply as I am putting all my sides in one project and export single slide as SL block.
Under this circumstance only tracking "number of slides viewed" is available and I have to set it to 1.
If the video is set to play upon click, then once you click, the continue button will appear.
And this option is giving me trouble so I switch back to automatically play video.

Hope this explains my situation. I do believe this is a common problem.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dong,

Thanks for clarifying. It sounds like you've got a Storyline file with multiple slides, and a video on the first slide. You want the Rise Continue button to remain disabled until the learner reaches the final Storyline slide, is that correct?

Would you mind sharing your Storyline file with me? I'd be happy to create a quick video tutorial for you on how you can require learners to complete all slides in the Storyline block before clicking the Continue button.

Dong Liang

Sorry about the confusion. I only use SL for its embedded captioning. If Rise can do this I won’t need a SL block.
So my block is a simple video container. But I have many such videos and I put all of them in one SL project for easy management. I then export them as individual blocks.
There is no interaction intended. I simply want people to finish watching the video before they proceed to the next lesson.



Sam Williamson

If your Storyline block is a single slide it's considered 'viewed' as soon as it starts, not when the video finishes.

The easiest way around this is to add a Trigger to your video like the following:

Action: Complete course

Status: Complete/passed

When: Media completes

Object: [Your video object]

Then all you have to do is check when publishing the file that under Properties, and next to Tracking, you have Complete course trigger selected.