Storyline blocks not appearing /functioning properly in Rise

Nov 02, 2020

We have a Rise course that includes Storyline blocks as lessons. About a week ago clients started complaining that random Storyline blocks within the Rise course were not displaying properly, blocking users from continuing the training. The Storyline blocks appear as black shapes with no player controls or content visible. We've republished for Scorm 1.2 and reloaded into our LMS. We can't find any errors when testing in Rise. But that didn't solve the problem. For different clients, it's different Storyline blocks that are not functioning. Any idea what's going on?

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Chino Navarro

Hi Pam,

I'm sorry to hear your clients are having trouble viewing the Storyline blocks. You mentioned this problem doesn't happen when you're testing the courses in Rise 360. Have you tested the courses on the LMS? If so, do you see the problem there?

If you don't see the problem in Rise 360, but you do see the problem in the LMS, then the issue could be related to the LMS. The best way to confirm that is to test the course in another LMS environment, like SCORM Cloud. 

Our team can help you with that testing if you'd like! Please share the LMS output file with us privately here, and we'll take a look.

Louise Skelton

Hi we have been having the same issue, across a selection of courses, and authors. We are still unsure of the root cause but we did try it on our own LMS and SCORMCloud, with the same issue noted. 

The course displays fine in review, but when in the LMS displays as a space, when highlighting over you can see where the block sits. 

We were always publishing local and not network. 

In one instance I had a course with three blocks included, it was reported that Block 2 of 3 was not displaying, remedy as follows 

1 - Republished ~~ issue still persisted 

2. Removed the offending block 2 > re-inserted the same block  >published ~~ issue still persisted however this time Block 1 did not display

3. Created a new course consisting of only blocks 1/2/3 > published ~~ Course worked fine 

4. Duplicated the course > removed all three blocks > duplicated sanitized course > republished the blocks within storyline with new naming > Inserted the three blocks into the copy of sanitized course (using the new named 260 blocks) > published ~~ Course worked. 



Calvin Gower

We have also found such inconsistency with the storyline blocks. We will export a course scorm and the block does work, then export the same exact course no changes and the block does. It is extremely frustrating with this significant inconsistencies requiring hours of QA for every course to ensure they are working like they should be.

Lea Agato

Hi there, Calvin! I’m sorry you’re getting inconsistent results when you export your Rise courses with Storyline blocks, and I understand your frustration. I see that you’ve opened a case for this.  Our Support Engineer, Georvy, is now reviewing the case. You should get an update from him shortly! 

Joan Campbell

Sure thing. So, as you know, they show up on mobile a Rise course with a play button which makes them seem separate. Then, in our LMS, when they open, they open up in a pop-up window on top of the course. With the limited screen real estate on mobile, the "x" that the user needs to click to get back to the course can be hard to see. Also, it is confusing to the learner to have to close the window to continue the course. It would be so much nicer and require less clicks if the block appeared as an embed instead.

Chino Navarro

I hear you. You can host your Storyline content in, for example, a web server, then insert it into an Embed block in Rise. You won't be able to track the Storyline interaction for course completion nor with a locked Continue block, though. If that doesn't work for you, I would be more than happy to share this with our team as a feature request. 

Carl Rollinson

Hello. I am experiencing the same problem. The embedded Storyline blocks play without problem when checked in Rise 360 preview. When they are changed into Scorms and loaded on the LMS they do not display the main pictures, they are just a white or black background, but the action buttons are displayed. Have you got a fix for this as the course is live and we are receiving complaints.

Thanks Carl

Chino Navarro

Hi Carl,

I recommend testing your course with the industry-standard testing engine SCORM Cloud. If your Storyline blocks work in SCORM Cloud, the issue could be with your LMS.

The following video tutorial demonstrates how to use SCORM Cloud with Articulate content:

If the issue also occurs in SCORM Cloud, I would love to have one of our support engineers work with you on this. Feel free to open a case here

Suzanne Davies

I have a related issue, I think. Since a few days ago, anytime I add a storyline block to Rise, it appears as a black screen with the title and a play button. In the last few courses I built, the storyline screen displays. This is definitely my preference and expectations, it doesn't feel very integrated to have this funky display rather than the default first screen, and it disrupts the user flow. I have updated storyline with no positive there a setting I am missing?

Please advise, thanks!

Ian C


Ran into a problem on Rise  with Storyline blocks not letting me progress whilst using chrome/firefox on an android mobile. I think I identified the problem as being the newer "modern player" being used when the Storyline content is published.

If you look at the first attached image you can see a faint cross at the top left by the menu. It seems that the modern player creates a fullscreen overlay once the Storyline block is opened. It's not obvious this has happened, and meant that I was unable to progress the course.

I republished using the classic player (see the second image) and when this opens it’s much more obvious it’s a separate element that the learner is looking at, one which they need to close.

Hope this helps. It’s a shame the modern player does this, as it does look much better on a laptop etc. There’s no border, so the Storyline block merges into the page much better. Perhaps if the modern player wasn’t entirely transparent, then it would be more obvious that the learner needs to close a popup before progressing.


Storyline modern player overlayStoryline block - classic player overlay