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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kristen!  The text for tabs interactions uses both your Headings and Body font:


In my sample here, I can see that the title for the tab is using my Headings font, Belligerent, and the description uses the Body font, Raleway:

Are you noticing something a bit different on your end?  If you reply here, you can share a screenshot, too!

Linda Nelson

Is there a way to prevent Rise from capitalizing a letter in the tab title of the tab interaction?

For example, right now the Tab heading reads: "Section 314  (A)" I want it to read "Section 314(a). 

It's also adding an additional two spaces between the 4 and the first display of the parenthetical.

Joy McGinty


I have a Rise site that I am using to provide resources to our mangers. What started as a few articles and a couple of videos has turned into an ever-growing collection that I am having difficulty in organizing. I need a way to restructure the site to avoid this long list of resources learners have to wade through. For a collection of resources on Active Listening, for example, I had the forethought to use a tabs block to group all related resources. Am I able to "convert" or "drag in" current lessons into a tab or accordion block? Is there something else you would recommend?

I would really appreciate your help with this!

I think you can access the Rise site by clicking on this link: https://rise.articulate.com/author/t4pzP1_988-v10xccvgJsAqlz8ZMCjxv#/author/course

Thank you!!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Joy! That's a cool way to use Rise 360. 😃

It sounds like you're looking to convert some current lesson content into a tab or accordion block like you created with your Active Listening collection. There isn't a way to do that for those blocks at this time. You may have some options with grouping your resources into related lessons and using button stack blocks to link to each lesson.

Just a heads up that your authoring URL for your Rise 360 content won't work for anyone but you! You can use the Share URL, however, to link people to your course!

Devin Arbenz

Both my headings and body font settings are set to Open Sans. However, in interactions such as tabs and accordion, the text style in the reveal does not match my body text style. It's the same color but appears to be a lighter stroke. My client is concerned about readability and wants the text within the reveal to match the body text. I can't figure out if this is an option and if so, how to do it. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Devin and Mac,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. The default font style in the body text of tab and accordion blocks is light. If you choose a default font like Open Sans, then Open Sans Light will be used for the body text. It sounds like you need an easy way to switch the style to Open Sans Regular, so I'll let our team know you need that option.

For now, I would suggest using a custom font, since custom fonts don't include light styles. For example, I used Arial in the screenshot below.