Transferring Course to Another User

Can Rise courses be transferred to another user in the event that the user who created the course leaves the team they are on (maybe for a different position or a new job)? I ask because my team is starting to develop courses with 360. Currently I am the only user on my team with a 360 subscription and my teammates are loving the Rise courses. I worry that I will develop an abundance of courses to meet the demand, but in the future if I promote or leave my position we will lose the ability to edit my developed Rise courses. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer,

In addition to inviting any other 360 Teams users to collaborate or own your project, you could also send a copy of your Rise course to any other Articulate 360 users. Take a look at the steps here. 

Since Rise courses are connected with the individual and their Articulate ID, we'd recommend using one of those methods prior to any changes such as a promotion or new job.