Using Articulate360 or Rise 360 with Canvas LMS

Sep 20, 2019

I would like to use the course I created with Articulate/Rise 360 in my teaching. Our College uses Canvas as the LMS. Can anyone tell me how to integrate my Articulate/Rise 360 course into my Canvas LMS? I exported the files from Articulate/Rise 360 and was able to successfully import those files into Canvas but now I don't know how to make the course available in a module in Canvas - any assistance from the community would be appreciated

Mark McCallick, CPA.CGMA

Professor of Accounting - Santa Ana College

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Joan York


Here's how I've been doing this:

1.  Add SCORM to the Canvas course menu.

2.  Upload Rise course packages (exported as "LMS") to the SCORM area.  I set mine as "Graded," so I can track when they're accessed by students.

3.  Add to a Module by adding an "Assignment."  The course should be listed in the list of Assignments already in the course.

Hope this helps!  

Chardai Stokes

I am a grad student creating a module for my final class I have created a course using Rise 360 and I would like to use this platform again, however, I need to be able to use the creation on Rise 360 on CANVAS as that is my institutions LMS. I have read a few articles that say SCORM allows this however, I do not have SCORM in my navigation. Can someone help me or point me in the direction of the resources who may be able to help?

Tracie Bosket

I am able to import a Storyline project into Canvas, however, there is a large gap between the top of the page and the Storyline project. I have been trying for hours. Does anyone know how to remove that gap? I even removed the <p> from the html side. 

See attached

Joan York


I can't really tell from your image where the gap is. Here's a screenshot of how our Rise SCORN packages display in Canvas:  I shared the basic method in earlier posts in this discussion.  There's also an option to have them display full-screen in a separate tab.

Our courses are all built using Articulate in Canvas.  I can't add you to one of our courses without incurring a charge, but you are welcome t0 enroll on our Catalog site:

The horse courses use SL, but the rest use Rise.  



Shari Lendy

I have managed to do this a few times but have made a revision and now the file remains a 'zip' file.  It does not stay opened like the others- I remember that I need to 'expand' it somewhere- but in which step of the process?  I am using a Mac.  I know it is not in the add to module steps because I have already tried that several times.  

Jonathan Barlar


When you are creating courses in Rise to go in Canvas, do you create each assignment as a separate Rise course?  Trying to figure out the best way to add Rise courses in various modules that span throughout the course semester and I'm thinking that's what I need to do.  Totally new to this though so thankful for all advice!