Video captions in Rise.

Feb 22, 2022

Hi Everyone, 

Just sharing something I worked out this afternoon. If you upload a video to Rise and want to use closed captions. (I prefer this to showing the captions to all users) Rise only supports VTT files.

For me I use Premiere Pro for my editing and this doesn't export VTT but does SRT, easy fix for this is.

Add your video to Storyline 360, and add the SRT captions which are supported on there. You can then click edit captions and export the captions back out as a VTT file and upload to RISE. I know its a bit of a long way to go about it but it works. 


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Anairis Perez

Hello everyone! Much like many of you, my company's IT team does not want us to use converters. This suggestion to use the Articulate captioning tool to export a VTT file was a clever solve, but unfortunately the VTT file that it generates still doesn't materialize in Rise 360 for me. Any troubleshooting tips for this?

I learned from a previous community post that a solve for this was to edit the VTT file directly and remove numbers and stamps on each line but my file has hundreds of lines and I'm looking for a process that will streamline this for our team. 

Any insight from you all would be great!

Johnathan Poertner

I'm late to this conversation, but just wanted to say THANK YOU for this work around! You have saved me a ton of manual work.  Will Rise be updated to be able to accept .srt files? 

EDIT: I just tried this, but the VTT file that is output from Storyline has the incorrect format.  There are commas separating the seconds and milliseconds. When I upload this VTT file to Rise it does not work.  Any suggestions? 

SECOND EDIT: Ok, so for anyone making the same mistake I was: If you just click the 'Export' button right below the 'Import' button in Storyline, even if you save the new file as a .VTT file, it keeps the same incorrect .SRT format.  You have to click into 'Edit Captions' first, then export from there. That is where the conversion happens.  OP said this in his instructions, but I got too excited and missed this critical step!