What's the best free xliff translation software or website?

Apr 18, 2022

I'm looking for a recommendation on software or website for XLIFF translation that is free or low cost. Looking primarily to translation from English into Spanish and Simplified Chinese. Other languages such as German, Czech, and Italian would be helpful, as well.

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Toby Lockyer

I have been using Herotranslate for the last two months and it is a life saver. My project required German, Spanish, Italian and French. The tool is very quick and will batch translate. It uses Amazon AWS for the automated translation so it has a wide array of supported languages. But It also has a neat feature to export to Excel for manual translation. I actually used this feature for SME translation vetting. Which worked great as they made the corrections and I simply reimported the material to XLIFF. Something which would normally take hours of my time took minutes.

Working with my SMEs, it looks like AWS roughly 70% accurate based on native speaker feedback. Which is pretty good for an AI.

Amazon AWS does take a bit of configuration, but they are pretty generous giving 2 million characters a month for the first year. So my project consisting of 40 rise modules effectively cost me nothing to translate in AWS. So the 30mins spent sorting out Amazon and linking it to Herotranslate is worth the time investment.

The developer of this little wonder (Thor Melicher) is also a long term member of these forums, so he knows our pain.