What's with the squirrels?

May 13, 2022


I work in the insurance industry and often need to talk about validation and verification. I would love to have images in the content library that fit those subjects but I often come up short because I can't think of suitable replacement terms to search with.

The most confusing for me is the results when I search with verify. I just get squirrels. Many, many squirrels.

Any suggestions on what I should be searching with or key-words would be greatly appreciated.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Ben! Thanks for calling this out! Other community members have stumbled on this, too. 

Our third-party image content provider uses tags for image searching, and it appears that those images are tagged with the word "verifiable." That's why those images are appearing when you search "verify." 

Can you share a little more about the types of images you're looking for? Perhaps we can make suggestions on keywords that will return better results!