Why does articulate RISE/ST convert file names?

Anybody ever wondered why both RISE and Storyline convert asset file names in to massively long winded different file names. ie - import a picture with a file name of "house.png" and it gets converted to something like "jCALcdepUkDdmIKu_3AMwgu52julw_KFi.png"

Making life very difficult for us articulate! Thanks a bunch.

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Cass Netzley

This becomes an even larger issue when working with web exports of Rise projects and uploading them to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Length of filenames (folder structure length implied) can be problematic and for our own team, PDF attachment auto-renames by Articulate have caused us issues resulting in failed uploads because of one PDF file name length. We are able to work around them, but it's still inconvenient.

Karl Muller

There was a solution rolled out for this.

It requires removing the old file and re-uploading exactly the same file. Then you need to re-export the course.

Note: if you download the file in author mode you will still see a strange filename, E.g. exercise_one.docx will be displayed something like jCALcdepUkDdmIKu-exercise-one.docx

The name will display correctly when a student downloads the file. E.g exercise-one.docx

Tom Oscar

This still appears to an issue for me in RISE. When looking at the zip file I end up with very long file names such as:


I can see my file name at the end but is a very long file name. 

This is causing issues when unzipping on our remote server! 

Why can't RISE shorten file names in the zip! 

Lectora offers the option to "Convert page names to short ID-based names" when publishing.