An Articulate 360 Teams subscription is ideal for teams of developers that need to work together on e-learning projects. Check out the following features to learn how you can collaborate on beautiful, effective courses.

Collaborative Authoring in Rise 360

Work together on Rise 360 courses with members of any Articulate 360 team. Create and edit different lessons simultaneously or take turns fine-tuning the same one. Changes happen in real time, so everyone always works on the most recent version. Learn more about collaborative authoring.

Question Banks in Rise 360

Create repositories of questions that can be used in any course you create. Share them with your team so everyone can quickly create quizzes with consistent questions, answers, feedback, and media. Knowledge checks and quizzes draw from these banks rather than displaying the same static questions whenever a learner takes the course. When you share a question bank, team members can use your questions and, with the proper permissions, modify them or add their own. Learn more about question banks.

Shared Block Templates in Rise 360

Build Rise 360 courses faster by saving existing blocks and their content as templates. Share those templates with your team, and then everyone can reuse them in other Rise 360 courses. Learn more about block templates.

Block templates can only be shared with your team, not across multiple teams.

Managing Shared Block Templates

All team members can share, rename, and delete their own block templates. And admins who have been assigned to a user seat can rename and delete shared block templates for the whole team.

Shared Team Slides in Storyline 360

Easily collaborate on interactive Storyline courses with a library of shared slides. Team members upload and download slides, scenes, and entire projects right within Storyline 360. It’s perfect for sharing project templates, slides that need to be in every course, and reusable slide content, such as interactions and quiz questions. Learn more about team slides.

Slides can only be shared with your team, not across multiple teams.

Managing Team Slides

All team members can do some tasks, such as sharing slides and creating folders, while only the original content owner can do others. And admins who have been assigned to a user seat can manage projects for the whole team. Learn more about team slides permissions.

Project Reviews in Review 360

Speed up project reviews. Publish e-learning projects from Storyline, Rise, and your other Articulate 360 apps to Review 360 to gather feedback from stakeholders. Collect in-context feedback, follow threaded discussions, and resolve comments in one easy-to-use web app. Learn more about Review 360.

You can invite anyone to review your projects, even if they don't have a subscription.