This user guide covers the line style options on the Format Shape/Format Picture window. These options control the appearance of lines, arrows, and object outlines. (See this user guide for ways to access the formatting window.)

Line style formatting options in Articulate Quizmaker 360


Enter the number of pixels or use the arrows to adjust the line width.

Compound Type

If you'd prefer to use multiple outlines, choose a style from the drop-down.

Dash Type

To create a dashed line, choose a style from the drop-down.

Cap Type

Choose a style for line endings. Flat caps don’t add any shapes or styles to line endings. Square and round caps add a shape to line endings.

For example, here are three lines of identical length, each with a different cap type.

Cap types in Quizmaker 360

Join Type

Choose how lines should look when they intersect: rounded, beveled, or mitered.

For example, here’s what each join style looks like on the corners of a square.

Join types in Quizmaker 360

Arrow Settings

To add arrows to the ends of a line, choose a style from the Begin type and End type drop-downs, then select a size from the Begin size and End size drop-downs.