Storyline 360 lets you control an object’s fill, line color, line style, and shadow.

If you’re working with a picture, you can also control its image attributes and coloring. And if the object contains text, you can control the text attributes.

Just open the Format Shape/Format Picture window and make your selections.

Accessing the Format Shape/Format Picture Window

Select the object you want to customize, then use any of the following methods to access the formatting window. (For shapes, captions, and text boxes, it's called the Format Shape window. For pictures, screenshots, and characters, it's called the Format Picture window.)

  • Press Ctrl+Enter on your keyboard.
  • Go to the Format tab on the ribbon, then click the arrow in the lower right corner of the Shape Styles or Picture Styles group.
  • Right-click the object, then choose Format Shape or Format Picture.
  • You can also access the formatting window from some of the ribbon items by clicking “more" options. For example, if you're changing the weight of a shape's outline, just click More Lines to open the Format Shape window.

Exploring the Formatting Options

When the Format Shape/Format Picture window appears, use the tabs on the left side of the window to set your options.

Explore these user guides to learn how to use the formatting options on each tab: