Previewing is a great way to see the changes you've made to your course without publishing it. And with Storyline 360, previewing is easier and more powerful than ever. You can see how your course looks and behaves on any device and orientation with responsive preview options. 

Previewing a Course

To preview your entire course, do any of the following:

  • Press F12 on your keyboard.
  • Click any of the device icons on the responsive preview toolbar.
  • Click the top half of the Preview button on the ribbon.
  • Click the Preview icon in the lower right corner of the window (beside the zoom slider).

To preview just a portion of your course, do any of the following:

  • Press Ctrl+F12 to preview the current slide.
  • Press Shift+F12 to preview the current scene.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+F12 to preview the selected scenes or slides.
  • Click the drop-down arrow below the Preview button, then choose one of the preview options, as shown below.

Using the Preview Options

Use the buttons on the preview ribbon to do any of the following:

Close Preview

This closes the preview window and takes you back to wherever you were prior to previewing.


This lets you preview a different slide in your course without closing the preview window.


This lets you replay your preview selection again. To preview a different portion of the course, click the drop-down arrow and choose one of the available options.

Edit Slide

This closes the preview window and takes you directly to the slide in your project that you were just previewing.


This launches the built-in console.

Device Icons

Click any of the five device icons in the upper right corner of the screen to quickly switch your preview to another device or orientation, including:

  • Laptop/desktop computers
  • Tablets in landscape mode
  • Tablets in portrait mode
  • Smartphones in landscape mode
  • Smartphones in portrait mode

With Storyline 360, it’s super easy to see how your course will look and behave with the responsive player on any mobile device and orientation.

Responsive Playback Properties

Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the window to open the Responsive Playback window where you can restrict which mobile device orientations learners are allowed to use.

For example, if you build a course that works best in landscape mode and you don’t want learners to have a subpar experience by holding their mobile devices in portrait mode, just limit playback to landscape mode for tablets and smartphones.

See this user guide for more information on responsive playback properties.


Items That Aren't Available During Preview

Although most Storyline 360 content displays during preview just like it will when you publish, there are a few items that are unavailable during preview.

  • Videos from websites, such as YouTube and Vimeo
  • Web objects
  • Engage interactions
  • Print results
  • Print slide trigger
  • Full-screen toggle
  • Hyperlinks may not work as expected during preview. Publish to test hyperlinks.

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