Using Sliders to Design Interactive Infographics #260

Combining Sliders for Interactive Infographics #260: ChallengeRecap

Interactive sliders are a great way to get learners to touch the screen and explore relationships between two or more concepts. In this week’s challenge, we’re looking at how sliders can be used to make data more interactive.

Slider Infographic

Here's a slider example that combines two sliders to create a masking effect.

Storyline 360: Interactive Infographics with Sliders

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Oil Infographic

Here’s a good example of how sliders can be used to create interactive infographic. I like this example because it uses a masking effect combined with custom sliders that share a single variable. How does that work? You can read more about Mike’s example and learn how he built it in this article.

Oil Infographic

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Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to show creative ideas for using sliders to build interactive infographics. Sliders are relatively simple to use in Storyline 360, but your examples could require some advanced techniques.

If you get stuck or have any questions this week, please post your questions in the Storyline forums and we'll help you out.

New Entries Only!

We’ve hosted several slider challenges and the examples are always amazing. To keep things fresh, we’re asking that you share only new examples this week. You’re more than welcome to re-work a previous example.

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Wishing you a sliderrific week, E-Learning Heroes!

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