To start your review, you'll need access to the content. Once you get access, you can view previous versions and share the content with other stakeholders. Here's how:

Access the Content

To access the content in Review 360, you only need the link the content owner sent you and one of these web browsers. If the owner secured it with a password, enter the password when prompted. If the content you’re reviewing is a video, you can immediately watch the video. If the content is an interactive course, you can jump right into it.

You can review content without signing in to Review 360 if the owner allows it, but we recommend signing in with an Articulate ID for the best experience. For example, reviewers who sign in can see badges for unread comments and change their email notification settings. Check out what you can do with an Articulate ID

Here's how to create and sign in with an Articulate ID if you don't have one: 

  1. Create a free account here
  2. Open the link to the content in Review 360
  3. Click the blue Sign In button in the upper-right corner, and enter your Articulate ID email address and password. 

If you don’t sign in, you must enter your email address when you post comments. Learn more.

View Previous Versions of the Content

All reviewers can explore previous versions of a Review 360 item to see changes over time. Click the Version drop-down list in the upper-left corner of the screen and choose a version number.

Comments roll forward with each new version, so you see comments for the version you selected and all versions before it. To see the latest comments, switch to the current version of the item.

You can’t add, edit, delete, resolve, or reopen comments in previous versions of an item. Switch to the current version to perform these tasks.

Share Content

Reviewers who sign in to Review 360 will see a share option in the upper right corner of the screen. Click Share to see the link for the current content. You can invite others to review the content by giving them the shareable link.

If the owner password-protected the content, provide the password when you invite other reviewers. Only the owner can add, change, and remove content passwords. Contact the owner if you need help with content links or passwords.