Question banks are special containers for question slides. You put questions into a bank, then draw them out when you need them in your course.

Why would you put question slides into a bank when you could just add them directly to your course? Great question! Here are a few benefits of question banks:

  • You can reuse question bank slides as many times as you’d like throughout your course without having to duplicate them. Just add a question draw where you want a quiz to occur. For example, you might use the same question bank to populate an ungraded pretest and also a final, graded assessment.
  • You can shuffle slides from a question bank so learners don’t always see questions in the same order. It keeps them honest.
  • Each question draw can display an entire question bank or, if you’d prefer, just a random subset of questions from the bank. This is especially helpful if you use the same bank for multiple quizzes. It keeps quizzes from being redundant and predictable.

To learn more about question banks and question draws, see these user guides:

Creating and Managing Question Banks
Adding and Editing Slides in a Question Bank
Drawing Slides from a Question Bank