Working in e-learning can sometimes feel like taking on a lot. You need to stay on top of a broad and evolving field, juggle the needs of stakeholders and learners, and create experiences that shift knowledge and behavior—often all while managing time and budget challenges as well.

But you’re not alone! The E-Learning Heroes community can support every aspect of your work and career. So take a peek at some of the exciting ways this community—and its one million plus members—can ease your load.

1. Get help fast

If something isn’t working as expected or you feel stumped on a challenge, the community has your back. You can get speedy access to Articulate staff and other e-learning professionals through our discussion boards. There’s one for questions about the Articulate apps and another for general e-learning design and development questions. No matter what work challenges you’re facing, there’s a place to ask for advice.

And that’s not your only option. The E-Learning Heroes website has a wealth of articles that can help you troubleshoot tricky situations. So whether you’re trying to figure out how Storyline 360’s slide layer properties work or looking for tricks for making collaborating with subject matter experts easier, the community has articles that can help!

2. Speed up your workflow with free resources

Thankfully, you don’t have to start from scratch every time you create a new project. With hundreds of free interaction templates, images, buttons, and more available in the Downloads section on E-Learning Heroes, it’s easy to find resources to make course development faster. Not only that, but you’ll also find course design resources like storyboard templates and project management tools.

3. Get ideas for projects

Whether you’re looking for something specific to a topic, industry, or approach or are just curious to see what kinds of interesting e-learning experiences are out there, the community has a lot to offer. The E-Learning Examples page curates innovative projects created by Articulate staff as well as members of the community. And the submissions to the weekly E-Learning Challenges are a goldmine for design inspiration. Plus, participating in these challenges yourself can do a lot to spark your imagination.

4. Learn more about crafting great e-learning

Our general e-learning articles are a handy way to fit professional development into a packed schedule. With content written by e-learning creators, for e-learning creators, you’ll get tons of practical advice that’s easy to apply in the real world. Find the most recent ones on the E-Learning Heroes homepage or use the search function to look up specific topics.

5. Stay up-to-date on the latest Articulate 360 features

If you use Storyline 360, Rise 360, or any of the other Articulate apps, the E-Learning Heroes site is a hub for getting tons of value from them. You’ll find articles detailing the latest app updates, share step-by-step tutorials on specific development techniques, and get behind-the-scenes looks at how specific projects were created. The Quick Tips & Tricks series collects short app tutorial videos, and you can find deeper dives on the Articulate Tutorials and User Guides page. And if you want to browse upcoming Articulate 360 Training webinars or live events, E-Learning Heroes has all the details.

6. Connect to other e-learning creators

Are you part of a small team of e-learning creators—or just a team of one—and sometimes feel isolated? Or maybe you’re part of a larger learning and development team but value connection with people outside your organization. With the E-Learning Heroes community, you can connect with an international group of learning professionals who are happy to talk shop and bounce around ideas. They can give you feedback on projects, ideas for tackling tricky challenges, resources that can speed up your work, and a reassuring feeling that you’re never in this alone.


The e-learning field is broad, with a wide range of challenges and goals. But no matter what kinds of content you work with or digital experiences you create, the E-Learning Heroes community has so much that can make you work easier, faster, and more innovative.

If you want to explore even more ways to use this site, this series of articles has all the tips you’ll need: Getting the Most Out of the Awesome E-Learning Heroes Community.

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