In this tutorial, we’ll use the Convert to Freeform feature to convert a slide’s content to an interactive quiz question.

Watch this video first, then follow the steps below to practice.

To convert a slide to a freeform question you’ll need a slide with some content on it. In this case, we’ll start with a blank slide and add some shapes to it. And then we'll convert the slide to a freeform question.

Practice Activity

  • Add two of each shape to your slide: triangle, circle, and square.
  • Add a text box with directions to select the triangle shapes.
  • Now we need to convert the slide to a freeform question. 
  • Go to the Insert tab and select the Convert to Freeform icon.
  • Select Pick Many so that we can select more than one choice.
  • This opens a form. We’ll need to add all of the objects that are potential choices. In this case, they are the shapes. 

  • Once the shapes are added, select the correct answers which are all triangles.
  • We’ll keep the default feedback.
  • Select Save & Close in the top left corner.

That’s it. You converted a slide and its objects to a freeform question.  You’ll notice that there are now incorrect and correct slide layers for feedback. Look at the states for the shapes. Notice how Storyline added additional states? 

Go ahead and preview the question. Notice how you can select the objects on the screen? Let’s do a quick edit of the slide.

  • Add a new triangle to the screen.
  • Select the Edit Pick Many button on the top left.
  • Add the new triangle choice and mark it correct.
  • Right now the objects are all in their original positions. Let’s make them shuffle. On the top ribbon, under Shuffle, select Answer.
  • Now Preview the question. Replay the preview a few times. Notice how the shapes are shuffled and not in their original position?  That's because we're shuffling the answers.

There’s a lot more you can do with the freeform conversion. Go ahead and practice building a few of your own questions and see how it works. 

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