Creating Roulette & Spinning Wheel Games in E-Learning #457

Roulette & Spinning Wheel Games #458: Challenge | Recap

This week’s challenge was inspired by a recent community discussion by Troy Westphal.

Troy created a roulette game using true/false variables to determine if the roulette’s spinning wheel selected red or black. Walt and Tom jumped in with ideas and tutorials to help troubleshoot Troy's source file.

While Roulette games aren't a common interaction in e-learning, they present fantastic ways to flex our variables muscles. And that's what this week's challenge is all about.

🏆 Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to create a roulette-type game that involves spinning and randomization. You can create a literal roulette game or anything that captures the essence of the game.

Ideas and Possible Projects

Here are a few ideas to help you get started. Remember, you’re not limited to only roulette games. The objective this week is to combine spinning effects with randomization.

  • Lottery Number Generator: Create an interaction to generate a set of random lottery numbers based on learner inputs or random numbers.
  • Slot Machine Games: Create a slot-machine game where learners can spin the reels using sliders, dials, or simple buttons.
  • Wheel of Fortune Games: Create a game based on the popular TV show.

Examples of Spinning Interactions

Examples of Spinning Interactions

Here are a few examples of different approaches to this week’s challenge.

🧰 Resources

User Guides


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Jodi M. Sansone
Jodi M. Sansone

Bonjour Heroes. For this challenge, I bet on a a literal roulette game. I tried to make the game as realistic as possible, even though I've never set foot in a casino. And (according the community discussion ), I tried to make the triggers as simple and few as possible (which is hard). No JS code. The actual roulette betting rules are too complicated, so I simplified them. The result is absolutely random. You can win by betting on colors or on the right number. It's completely functional, but I can't guarantee that you'll ever see your number come up. Good luck! The file.story (so far) is available in the first comment of the Review. I'm running out of time to make the blue chip work. Maybe a little later. Expand

Ting Z (Tandem Diabetes Care)
Jayashree Ravi
Mark Pountney
Thaddaeus Smith

Wow! This challenge really was, well, a challenge for me! Creating a spinning wheel took more brain power than I thought. First, I tried a dial and states, and that was no good. Then, I wanted to use a spinning animation so that it would be smooth. I went from 8 objects and 1 hotspot intersection to 8 objects and 2 hotspot intersections, until my genius partner said "Why don't you have 8 hotspots and just one object?". Well, now it MOSTLY works! Haha! I still haven't figured out how to have the wheel stay in its previous state after returning to the slide, but I've spent enough time on it! :0) For this spinning wheel challenge, I decided to create a T/F quiz about eight of the wonders of my chosen home state - Oregon. You only have to get 4 out of 8 questions right to complete the task,... Expand

Ciamé M'Bongo