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E-Learning Storyboards RECAP #48: Challenge | Recap

A big E-Learning Heroes shoutout to first-time challengers Ajay GuptaGena Hocson, and Nicola Redfearn! Thanks for joining the challenges. We're really glad you're here.

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Have a great week, E-Learning Heroes!

Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones

Learn more | Download | Bryan Jones | Website | @elearningart

Patricio Bustamante

Patricio’s desk and storyboard example | e-Learning Ninja | @patob2000

Jeff Kortenbosch and Kevin Thorn

Download Storyboard Template |  Serious Learning (Jeff) | NuggetHead Studioz (Kevin) | @elearningjeff @LearnNuggets

Melissa Milloway

What’s in an e-learning storyboard? | @MelMilloway

Jackie Van Nice

The Challenge of Storyboarding (+Free Template!) | @jackietrains

Ashley Chiasson

Storyboard Templates for E-Learning | @amdchiasson

Donna Carson

E-Learning Challenge: Storyboarding | @ElearninCanBfun


Nicola Redfearn

Download Nicola’s Storyboard Template | Nicola Redfearn

Gena Hocson

E-Learning Storyboards

Daniel Brigham

Storyboarding Essentials Screencast

3 Ways to Storyboard Your E-Learning Course

Richard Watson

Storyboards for e-Learning | @bridgehillLS

Ajay Gupta

Free Product Tour Template in PowerPoint 2007 | @epiphanylearnin

Andrew Sellon

Storyboarding 101 – Creating the Blueprint For Your eLearning | @AndrewSellonNY

Gerard Friel

Gerard Friel

Learn more & download | Gerard Friel | Website |  @gerardfriel

Charles Hamper

Charles Hamper

View demo | Charles Hamper | Website | @cfhamper

Daniel Adeboye

Daniel Adeboye

Learn more | Daniel Adeboye | Website | @danno4krist

Linda Lorenzetti

Linda Lorenzetti

Download (Word) | Linda Lorenzetti | Website | @lindalor

Nick Russell

Nick Russell

View demo | Nick Russell | Benchmark Learning

John Curran

John Curran

Download | John Curran | Website | @designedlearnin

Rachel Barnum

Rachel Barnum

Learn more & download | Rachel Barnum | @OhThatRachel

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