How Pros Use Rise and Storyline 360

Articulate 360 puts a slew of amazing e-learning authoring apps in your toolkit. You’ll have everything you need to create any type of e-learning quickly. But when you’re starting a new e-learning project, how do you know which authoring app to use? Let me walk you through how I decide when to use Storyline 360 and when to use Rise 360.

One quick note: any e-learning you create with an Articulate authoring app will work and look great on every device your learners use. With Articulate 360, we’ve made sure you don’t have to worry about mobile—your courses will simply work, automatically.

Quickly Create a Gorgeous, Responsive Course with Rise 360

Rise 360 is perfect for most e-learning projects. The app makes it quick and easy to create beautiful, inherently responsive courses that work wonderfully on all screen sizes and devices.

Rise 360 lets you:

  • Use intuitive, modern, web-based authoring. You can create courses online, anytime, anywhere, with Rise 360. There’s no need to download any software—all you need is your web browser. With the intuitive features in Rise 360, you can build responsive courses in minutes.
  • Create gorgeous, custom lessons in minutes. In Rise 360, you can mix and match different types of learning blocks—like timeline interactions, tabs interactions, or even custom interactions built in Storyline 360—to create your own custom lessons. These modular learning blocks give you the freedom to combine elements into endless combinations. Then once you’ve got your lesson structure built out, simply drop in your text and media content, choose your brand color and fonts, and—boom!—you have an awesome, branded course.
  • Collaborate with your team. Articulate 360 Teams users can work together on Rise 360 courses to finish projects fast. You can invite team members to create and edit different lessons simultaneously or take turns fine-tuning the same one.

Here’s a cool example of a course created by Community Manager Trina Rimmer with Rise 360.

Develop Custom, Highly Interactive E-Learning Courses with Storyline 360

When I need to build a more immersive course with custom interactivity, I rely on Storyline 360. It’s easy to include decision-making scenarios, custom interactions, and assessments with Storyline 360.

Storyline 360 lets you:

  • Create anything you can imagine. Storyline 360’s powerful (and built-in!) features let you build complex interactions easily—no coding required. You can combine layers, states, triggers, and more to build immersive experiences that capture learners’ attention.
  • Build dynamic content. You can use Storyline 360’s variables to make courses feel personal by capturing and tracking learner input or actions, then presenting dynamic content.
  • Make any content an interactive learning opportunity. In addition to building form-based assessments to test users in more than 20 different ways, Storyline 360 lets you turn any static content into a decision-making activity.
  • Share a library of team slides. The team slides feature makes it really easy for Articulate 360 Teams users to share Storyline 360 content—such as project templates, slides that need to be used in every course, and more—right from within the app.

Check out this example to see a Storyline 360 project I built.

Take Storyline 360 and Rise 360 for a Spin

With Articulate 360, you’ll get an awesome set of e-learning apps at your fingertips—and it’s not just authoring tools! Articulate 360 also includes a helpful project review app, a collection of 8.3+ million course assets, and access to live and on-demand online training led by experts. You can try out Articulate 360 anytime with a free, 30-day trial. And if you already have Articulate 360, find help getting started in these tutorials.

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