You can preview how your quiz will look and behave on different devices and orientations with Quizmaker 360’s new responsive preview options. Then publish your quiz to HTML5 for a variety of platforms, including web servers and learning management systems.

Watch this video introduction to learn how, then follow the activities below to practice.

Practice Activities:

  1. Preview Your Quiz
  2. Choose a Publish Option
  3. Adjust the Publish Settings
  4. Publish and Distribute Your Quiz

Practice Activity: Preview Your Quiz

Quizmaker 360 uses responsive preview to show you how your quiz will look and behave on any device and orientation just by clicking a button.

  1. Open PracticeQuiz.quiz from your practice files.
  2. Click Preview on the Quizmaker ribbon.
  3. Then click each device icon in the upper right corner of the preview window to see how your quiz looks and behaves on each device and orientation.
  4. Click Close Preview when you’re done.

Responsive Preview in Articulate Quizmaker 360

To learn more about responsive preview, see this user guide. To learn more about restricting which device orientations learners can use when viewing your quiz, see this user guide.

Practice Activity: Choose a Publish Option

Quizmaker 360 supports several publish options, described below. For this tutorial, let’s publish to Review 360 where you can collaborate with stakeholders and subject matter experts.

  1. Open PracticeQuiz.quiz from your practice files.
  2. Go to the Home tab on the ribbon and click Publish to launch the publishing wizard.
  3. Click the Review 360 tab on the left side of the window.

Publish to Review 360

Before we continue, here’s some quick info on each publishing option:

Articulate Presenter

Articulate Presenter 360 is the fastest, easiest way to create multi-device, presentation-based courses using PowerPoint’s familiar interface.

You can create dynamic quizzes and surveys in Quizmaker 360, then publish them directly into your Presenter 360 courses.

To learn more about publishing quizzes to Presenter 360, see this user guide.

Review 360

Publish quizzes to Review 360 to test how they look on various devices and to collect feedback from stakeholders with an easy-to-use web interface.

To learn more about publishing quizzes to Review 360, see this user guide.


If you want learners to access quizzes over the internet or a private intranet, and if you don’t need to track their progress, then publish for web distribution.

To learn more about publishing quizzes for web servers, see this user guide.

Articulate Online

Articulate Online is our hosted tracking and reporting system for e-learning content.

Publish quizzes to Articulate Online when you need an efficient, cost-effective way to track learners’ progress and results.

To learn more about publishing quizzes to Articulate Online, see this user guide.


Choose the LMS publishing format if you're using a learning management system (LMS) to track learners' progress and results.

To learn more about publishing quizzes for AICC, SCORM, and Tin Can API LMSs, see this user guide.


Choose the CD publishing format when you need to distribute quizzes via CD, DVD, USB drive, network drive, kiosk, or email.

To learn more about publishing quizzes for CD or other local media, see this user guide.


Publish for Microsoft Word when you need a printable version of your quiz. It’s a convenient way to distribute handouts or provide a transcript for accessibility purposes.

To learn more about publishing quizzes to Microsoft Word, see this user guide.

Practice Activity: Adjust the Publish Settings

After choosing a publish option, adjust the settings, such as title, description, publish location, mobile options, quality, tracking options, and LMS specification. For details, see the user guide for each publishing option listed above.

Since we’re publishing to Review 360 in this tutorial, configure these settings:

  1. Select Create a new item and enter a title for your quiz in the corresponding text field.
  2. If you’d like to make any last-minute changes to the player or quality settings before publishing, click these properties and make your adjustments.

Publish to Review 360 properties

Practice Activity: Publish and Distribute Your Quiz

Now you’re ready to complete the publishing process. Click the Publish button at the bottom of the publishing wizard.

When the process is complete, you’ll see a Publish Successful window with one or more follow-up options, depending on the publish option you selected. Since we published to Review 360 in this tutorial, you’ll see an option to view the published quiz in your Articulate 360 account in your default web browser.

Publish to Review 360

To learn more about the follow-up options and distribution instructions for each publish option, see these user guides:


In this tutorial, you learned how to use Quizmaker 360’s stunning responsive preview features to see how your mobile-ready quiz looks and behaves on computers, tablets, and smartphones. And you published a quiz to Review 360 where you can collect feedback from stakeholders.

For answers to common questions about publishing quizzes for mobile devices, see this user guide.

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