Use one of our professionally designed themes to instantly transform your content. Just like our prebuilt content templates, themes can be customized to meet your needs.

Here's how they work.

Selecting Prebuilt Themes

Want to give your content a fresh look and feel? Choose one of our prebuilt themes and we'll handle the rest.

  1. Click Theme in the upper right corner of the editor.

  2. The current theme displays as a thumbnail, click the Change Theme button.

  3. In the theme library, scroll to see the available themes, click the Preview button to see how your content will look with the theme applied.

  4. Click the thumbnail to select the theme, then click the Confirm button. Any style modifications you've made will be overwritten.

  5. Click Back to return to the theme menu.

Note: The theme menu is accessible only to owners after you've added at least one block to your content.

Prebuilt Themes Gallery

Our prebuilt themes are professionally designed to showcase your content. Each course theme with its available cover pages is pictured below. 

For microlearning cover pages you can select either a full-screen image, the theme accent color, or a white background. 


Rise theme with all available cover pages


Apex theme with available cover pages


Horizon theme with available cover pages

Note: The first time you open an existing, unthemed course for editing, the Rise theme is automatically applied. A cover photo is added and other minor visual changes are made as a result.