Before you can add content to a Rise 360 course, you need to outline the course with lesson titles, and you can organize lessons into sections. In this user guide, you’ll learn how to outline a course.

A course must have at least one lesson, and there’s no limit to the number of lessons you can add.

The outline, or menu, you create with section headers and lesson titles appears on the cover page for your course, and it's also available in the sidebar as learners work through the course content. Learners can collapse and expand sections in the sidebar to hide lesson titles and see the overall structure of the course. (Tip: Learners can show or hide the sidebar by clicking the hamburger icon (☰) in the upper left corner of the course.)

Add Sections and Lessons

Type a section header or lesson title in the Add a lesson title placeholder, then press Shift+Enter to make it a section header or just press Enter to make it a lesson title.

To insert a new section or lesson between existing items, click the divider where you want to add it (a plus sign will appear as you hover over it). A placeholder will be inserted between the two items where you can type a section header or lesson title.

Rearrange Sections and Lessons

It’s easy to rearrange sections and lessons. Just drag them up or down the list and drop them where you want them to appear.

Rename Sections and Lessons

To rename a section or lesson, simply click the title and type a new one. Your changes will be saved immediately.

Delete Sections and Lessons

To delete a section header or an empty lesson, hover over it and click the garbage bin icon that appears.

If a lesson already has content, hover over it, click the ellipsis that appears, then choose Delete.

When you delete a section header or lesson, an undo option will temporarily display in the lower left corner of the screen in case you change your mind. Click Undo to restore it.

Duplicate Lessons

You can duplicate a lesson when you need a similar lesson structure and just need to swap out content. Hover over the lesson, click the ellipsis that appears, and choose Duplicate.

The duplicated lesson will appear immediately below the original lesson in your course outline.

Copy Lessons to Other Courses

You can reuse existing content and create courses faster by copying lessons across courses. (Click here for a demo video.)

  1. In the course outline, hover over the lesson you want to copy, click the ellipsis that appears, and choose Copy to another course.
  2. When the course selector appears, click the course to which you want to copy the lesson.
  3. You'll see a confirmation message in the lower left corner stating that the lesson was successfully copied. Click the View button to jump directly to the course where the lesson was copied.

The copied lesson will appear at the bottom of the outline in the new course. You can change the order by dragging the lesson to another location in the outline.

Change Lesson Icons

Each lesson that has content also has an icon associated with it. The icon appears to the left of the lesson title in the course outline.

You can change the default icon for each lesson by hovering over the lesson, clicking the ellipsis that appears, choosing Change Icon, then selecting an icon from the list.

Add Content to Lessons

After outlining your course (see above), choose a type for each lesson (lesson or quiz) and add content. See these user guides to learn more: