Share Your E-Learning Portfolios and Interactive Resumes #438

Share Your E-Learning Portfolios & Resumes #438: Challenge | Recap

🏆 Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share a link to your e-learning portfolio or create an interactive resume example.

🎁 Bonus: Share Your Favorite Portfolio Tip!

Share your favorite portfolio tip or recommendation. What portfolio advice would you give to someone who is just getting started? What's your biggest lesson learned crafting your portfolios? 

Interactive Resume Example

Here’s a creative resume example that Tim built with Storyline 360. The example features looping background audio and custom motion path animations and transitions.

Interactive Resume Example

View the example | Tim Crowe

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📅 Next Week’s Challenge

  • Next week's challenge #439 (11/03): Keep It or Trash It: Drag-and-Drop Sorting Activities. I try to include at least one drag-drop interaction each year. For this challenge, we'll focus on using drag-drops to sort items into two or more categories.

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Richard Watson
Arthur Korous
Jodi M. Sansone
Jonathan Hill
Anita Kumar

Lots of inspiring portfolios here. Here's a link to my portfolio: And here's a link to my approach: While I do explain my process for each sample, I find people tend to skim through it if it's too long. So I have a separate link where I explain my overall approach to creating instructional design material. My tip for newbies: Just like we always consider our target audience when designing our learning solutions, we must consider our target audience when crafting our portfolio. The target audience comprises busy hiring managers. So don't drown them with details of your process. Make it succinct and visually appealing, so they quickly understand your process even if they're skimming through it.... Expand

Samuel Apata
Yvonne Leklou
Sarah Scott
Kevin Dorcy

Hello, I was wondering if the assignment date (date that Challenge is published) could be included somewhere near the top of each week's post. Like with any blog post or news article, the date is at the top. It would really help. Thanks, Kd Kevin Dorcy, MA Instructional Designer International Code Council, Inc. Chicago District Office 4051 Flossmoor Road Country Club Hills, IL 60478 USA Cell: (773) 245-3365 Fax: 1-708-799-2651 EM: ICC Website: ICC Training: [cid:79f6b012-3901-4f7d-bb11-c1e8ef007ddd] Building Professional Careers Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube New Design for the 2024 International Codes! Substantial formatting changes are improving the user experience. Learn More! [http://media.iccs... Expand