Popular Image Styles and Effects for Using Stock Photos in E-Learning #156

Creative Image Effects in E-Learning #156: Challenge | Recap

Do you have a go-to image style or effect that you like to use for general or rapid course design?

Let me explain.

By general course design, I mean the courses you build regularly for internal or external customers. The courses look good (maybe even great!), but they’re not the one-of-a-kind courses you’d showcase or submit in a Guru contest.

And by go-to image styles, I mean the standard or most-used effects or presentation styles you apply to the stock photos in your courses.

My Favorite Image Effects

When I used to build courses, my go-to effect was the faded image. It was a simple technique that allowed me to use full-slide photos as both image and background.

Image Effects for E-Learning

Common Image Effects in E-Learning

Looking through our Examples hub, you’ll find a lot of different approaches for image styles and effects. Here are a few styles that I’ve pulled together.

Common Image Effects in E-Learning

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share your go-to image treatments for slide and course design. You’re welcome to share something conceptual, but keep the primary focus on showing your favorite image effects and presentation styles.

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Wishing you a week in style, E-Learning Heroes!

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