Using TikTok-Style Videos in Online Corporate Training #400

TikTok-Style Videos in E-Learning #400: Challenge | Recap

Happy New Year and 400th challenge, E-Learning Heroes!

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to create a short video or animated presentation that uses one or more TikTok-style video techniques. The objective of this challenge is to practice creating short, quick-hit learning videos or presentations using common visual styles found in TikTok videos.

This is not a TikTok challenge. You don't need to create a TikTok account or post your example to TikTok. Instead, apply one or more TikTok video techniques with your Articulate 360 apps or authoring tools you already know and use.

Common Video Techniques Used in TikTok Videos

As course designers, you know how important it is to capture a learner's attention and keep them engaged throughout the course. Successful TikTok videos do a great job of hooking viewers with a catchy phrase or relatable story. Here are a few common techniques used in TikTok videos:

  • Short-form storytelling: TikTok videos are typically 21 to 34 seconds, which means you need to present your content quickly and effectively. 
  • Music, sound effects, and voiceover: Music is used to set the tone and mood of the videos, while sound effects are used for humor and emphasis. And finally, voice-over narration (natural or text-to-speech) is used to add commentary or context to the story.
  • Text-over image techniques: Many TikTok videos rely on text overlays to provide context or enhance the video story. As course designers, you need to know how to work with text over images and videos.
  • Timing and pacing: Successful TikTok videos use video cuts to impact the overall feel and message of the video. Rapid or jump cuts can create a sense of urgency, while slower or slow-motion cuts can create a sense of drama and even humor.

Examples of TikTok Videos for Learning and Development

Excel has always been one of those apps I’ve wanted to learn but always pushed aside for something flashier like After Effects or Final Cut Pro. But after discovering Kat’s Nano Tips for Using Excel course was only 1m 31s, I made the time to learn Excel.

Nano Tips for Using Excel

View Kat’s profile on TikTok and LinkedIn Learning

Microsoft Tips

Here’s another good example of software training on TikTok. Mike’s tone and presentation are less flashy than Kat’s style, but his format might be a better place to start for most corporate learning professionals.

Microsoft Tips

View Mike’s profile on TikTok

LinkedIn Learning Nano Tips

For more short-formed learning examples, LinkedIn Learning has more than 60 nano tips courses.

LinkedIn Learning Nano Tips

View the nano tips series on LinkedIn Learning


Here are a few resources to help you get started. If you know of other TikTok accounts that specialize in software training or corporate learning, please share them in the comments section.

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Bonjour Heroes. If David allows me (because it's not related to the tik-tok challenge right now) I would like to share with you all my 100% Storyline greeting card that I made especially for this brilliant and inspiring community of SL users. It is a 6 minutes animated film. I hope you enjoy. It took me days and weekends to do this, which is why I couldn't participate in previous challenges. But my daily work is not always very creative, so it was a pleasure to work hard on this project. I wish you all a happy new year full of "lonlon" (you will understand). Nota Bene: Turn up the volume, watch it on a PC screen if possible, and with a very-very good connection, it's better, to avoid sound/image des... Expand

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