Integrating Engage Interaction into Rise Course


I'm new to using Engage 360, excited at the opportunities with that tool. I was hoping I could publish my interaction (check list) to my Rise course like I can a storyline piece in Review 360, but it's not showing up in my Review 360 published courses once I publish it. It says it can only do Storyline courses, so I assume that's why. 

Is it possible for me to add my Engage Interaction to a Rise Course, and if so, what's the best / easiest way to do that? Do I need to save it in Presenter as a slide?



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Lisa Anderson

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your response. I did exactly that workaround then published to review 360 and inserted a SL block in rise. I still get the play button to launch the engage interaction. I also tried putting an image on the first slide and a hot spot to click and go to the engage interaction. It still get the play button.

Any other thoughts?

Lisa Anderson

Thank you again, Tom. I am grateful for your guidance and input.

In my research, I've found other posts that indicate Engage interactions are treated as Web Objects and place a play button. On one post here, Jen had a similar work around to me, which I did. And I got the play button. Now, I launched her workaround in Chrome and it launched without a play button; same in IE . I'm puzzled why mine isn't working when launched in Chrome. It does work fine in IE, but it's not our company default browser.

I've attached the engage file. I've set my SL360 web object to load automatically and I've set menus and controls to off.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Tom Kuhlmann

I found if I start in Rise and then click into the lesson the play button won't show. When I start at the lesson with Engage, it does show.

I tried a couple of things with a started slide, which didn't work. And then moved the interaction to a layer, and started with no interactive elements. That didn't work either.

Lisa Anderson

Hi Tom,

I enlisted the assistance from Jen in the post here and I think there is a version issue; just not with Storyline. It's with Engage.

When I publish her SL360 with her engage interaction, it launches just seamlessly in Rise in Chrome; no ugly gray play button. When I add my engage interaction to her SL360, placed either before or after her engage interaction, I get the ugly play again. If I import her engage interaction into my SL360, it launches seamlessly. I think the issue is with my engage. I have version 4.23.18834.0. I'm not sure what hers engage version is, but I'm thinking it's more recent than mine. She has studio 5.25.21221.0.

If you are willing to test this, the files are in the original post, and you have me engage from yesterday. It's mind boggling. 

And, I'm grateful for your assistance.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa,

I tested using Jen's example as you indicated and it's working as expected for me. I see where you reached out here as well and Crystal confirmed the latest update for you.

You can take a look at my sample using Jen's starter and your Engage interaction here. Let me know if that plays as expected for you.

If so, we certainly recommend downloading the latest update.

John Morgan

Hi, Alison!

Good news! There are two workaround options to get your Engage interactions into Rise 360! Below is a quote from Tom who offered up these options previously in this conversation.

Tom Kuhlmann

You have two options:

  1. Publish the Engage file and put on a web server and the use the Rise embed block and an iframe.
  2. You can import the Engage interaction into a single Storyline slide. Turn off all the SL player features. Then insert as a Storyline block.

I hope this helps you out! Thanks for reaching out!!