Audio Issue with Presenter 360

We have courses that were previously created in Articulate '13.  We have since upgraded to 360 and are in the process of upgrading all of our courses.  We recently upgraded 2 training courses that have audio and published it for our LMS for HTML5.  We have noticed that when we launch the training in Edge from our LMS, some of our slides the audio does not automatically play when you hit next to advance slides.  You have to hit previous and then next and then the audio will start.  Has anyone had this issue and know a way to fix it? 

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Cheryl!

Thank you for writing in! Referencing the conclusion of Marlo's case, we connected the experience to an open bug in Studio 360, where:

  • Audio randomly stops during playback.

If you're in a bind, we'd love to explore further and help you try to work around the problem. Simply use this link to open a case, and our team will provide the next step!

Pam Mallin

I worked with the Articulate support for several weeks and they acknowledged the bug, but I have not been notified on a fix as of yet. My understanding is that "upgrades" are not happening for this product. I am not very hopeful.

My fix is to import the recorded ppta file into Storyline 360 and if recorded using Articulate presenter the audio will come through. You may have to make some adjustments to the slides as the graphics do not always import well.  No issue with audio, doing it this way.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Pam and Shannon!

Sorry, this is affecting both of your workflows! Pam, I see that you've worked with my teammate, John, who recommended importing the Presenter 360 project into Storyline 360 as a workaround. Have you been able to try this?

I don't have an update on the progress of this bug fix. I'll make sure to advocate on your behalf and share an update in this discussion!

Pam Mallin

Lauren - Yes, I have been able to import into Storyline and no audio issues. Unfortunately the slide graphics do not always come through as designed. I usually have to make edits on each slide as something moved or the font has changed, etc. Very time consuming, but not much I can do about that since our content begins as ppt files. Thanks for checking in.

Ren Gomez

Hi Shannon,

I appreciate the efforts and I'm sorry it's causing so much re-work. While I don't have a specific date to share, I can tell you the team is actively looking at this bug, so we'll pop in here as soon as we have a solid fix place!

Hi Marlo,

It sounds like there are some non-audio elements importing incorrectly. It's always helpful to review these tips below when importing PowerPoint files, but if something is looking awry after importing, our support team can lend a hand with your file to provide guidance!