Learning Management System

Mar 23, 2015


do you guys provide any learning management services, if so what features does it offer, and would i have to pay extra if i bought Articulate Studio 13 (is it part of the Studio 13 package)?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Linard!

We have a product, Articulate Online, that can be used to deliver and track courses, but this is not a part of Studio '13.

If you don't need to track course completion for your learners, then web publishing is a good option. To learn how to publish Presenter content for web distribution, click here.

After publishing, do any of the following:

  • Use the FTP button on the Publish Successful dialog to upload the published files to a web server.
  • Use your own FTP client to upload the published files to a web server.
  • Give the published files to your server administrator to upload to a web server.

When your published files have been uploaded to a web server, provide learners with the URL for the presentation.html file. If you don't have access to a web server, here are a few free options to consider:

  • Tempshare: This is a free service provided by Articulate for testing content. It's only a temporary solution for hosting content. Uploaded files will be deleted after 10 days. Note: The article specifically mentions Articulate Storyline content, but Tempshare also works with Articulate Studio '13 content.
  • Amazon S3: Amazon S3 offers free hosting with generous usage limits. If you go over your limit, you'll be charged a graduated fee.
  • Dropbox: Place your published output in the Public folder in your Dropbox account to share it with others.
  • Google Drive: Change presentation.html to index.html, and set the sharing permissions to Public. Here's how.
sumeet zarkar

I would like to tell suggest you Corporate LMS which should have enriched features which will give best e-learning experience to learners.

Pick up any with the below features 

  1. Gamification
  2. Social Learning
  3. Multi-Tenant
  4. Blended Learning
  5. Mobile Learning
  6. E-commerce
  7. Advanced Reporting
  8. Video Conferencing

And about Articulate Studio 13 I think you need to pay extra for that to every provider.