Quizmaker 360: What does the "Show in quiz review" checkbox do?

Hello, Studio 360 users! I have a question about a Quizmaker 360 feature. Does anyone know what the "Show in quiz review" checkbox option does?

Some quick background: I have a 5-slide quiz. The first slide is just a blank introductory slide that has instructions and a hyperlink to a document. The remaining four slides are the actual questions based on the document. In the Question pane for the blank intro slide at the start, there is a checkbox called "Show in quiz review". I unchecked it, since I don't want this slide to appear when users review their answers. However, the slide still appears when you click the Review Quiz button in the results slide, even with this unchecked. I guess I was hoping to restrict this intro slide from appearing when reviewing answers, because it's not an actual question.

Am I misunderstanding what this option actually does? Does anyone have any information on what it's supposed to do? Thank you!

(Edit: I tried to attach a screenshot, but the site gives me an error message of "An unhandled lowlevel error occurred" each time I try.)

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sending over your file, Andrew. It looks like we've got a bug here. The introductory slide incorrectly appears during quiz review in the HTML5 output, but it doesn't in the Flash output. 

I'm going to share this with my team so we can begin looking into a fix. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, and I'm really sorry if it is causing you headaches. I'll let you know as soon as a fix is released!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Melanie!

I'm sorry this is affecting your course! I don't have any updates on the bug in Quizmaker 360 but when we do we'll report back to this discussion.

I see in the bug report that this is an issue specifically in the HTML output in Quizmaker 360. Are you viewing the course in a specific browser or LMS? If so, I'll make sure to add additional details to the report so we can continue troubleshooting. 

Melanie Sexton

Hi Lauren,

I'm publishing as HTML with Flash fallback. I have the problem no matter how I view it--in Review 360 in Chrome, Edge, or Safari and through my LMS on Moodle Cloud.

Is there any workaround for this until the bug is fixed? The only thing that seems to work is to import the quiz to Storyline, but that creates other issues.