Audio Files Cutoff

I am editing a video in Replay and am adding audio files. The files play normally when I first add them. But when I move the files along the video track, the beginning of each audio file gets cut off.

I try to click/drag the file to make sure the file hasn't been reduced. Regardless, the problem persists. Sometimes I work it out, but then the problem returns when I preview the whole video.

Is there a way to fix or avoid this issue?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Tracy!

Thanks for popping into this discussion to share a quick fix! Are you finding this happens consistently?

If so, here are a few tips that should fix the audio issue:

  • Only work from your local drive, typically the C: drive. Working from a shared or network drive can cause erratic behavior.
  • Try a simple repair for Replay.
  • Delete the audio and insert it again.

Please keep us updated if any of those do the trick!