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Katie H

Hi all, 
I had the same issue, and even after using the screen rotating website suggested, replay still rotated it! Grrr. 
I used the suggestion to upload it to storyline and save it as a video- this seems to have worked. I didnt even have to rotate it. :) 
I have then opened the storyline output (video) in replay and I can now edit it. 

Thanks to the community for a variety of solutions! 

Elizabeth Miller

So I am having a similiar problem. I have imported a video that was record on a cell phone. It is MP4 format. When I open it in VLC media player it is oriented correctly, but when I import into replay it flips it on its side. I have tried to rotate on its side in VLC player and import to replay and it still is on its side. Any thoughts on how to correct this?


Hello Elizabeth.

I also had the same issue.  I used the video editor program embedded in my computer to remedy the situation.  ( I searched video editor in my start-up menu).  Once in the generic video edit I imported the video, then saved it as an MP4 (was in .MOV when saved to the PC).

I then used the file in replay and it was oriented correctly. 


I hope this was helpful.