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Katie H

Hi all, 
I had the same issue, and even after using the screen rotating website suggested, replay still rotated it! Grrr. 
I used the suggestion to upload it to storyline and save it as a video- this seems to have worked. I didnt even have to rotate it. :) 
I have then opened the storyline output (video) in replay and I can now edit it. 

Thanks to the community for a variety of solutions! 

Elizabeth Miller

So I am having a similiar problem. I have imported a video that was record on a cell phone. It is MP4 format. When I open it in VLC media player it is oriented correctly, but when I import into replay it flips it on its side. I have tried to rotate on its side in VLC player and import to replay and it still is on its side. Any thoughts on how to correct this?


Hello Elizabeth.

I also had the same issue.  I used the video editor program embedded in my computer to remedy the situation.  ( I searched video editor in my start-up menu).  Once in the generic video edit I imported the video, then saved it as an MP4 (was in .MOV when saved to the PC).

I then used the file in replay and it was oriented correctly. 


I hope this was helpful.

Emma Swingle

I have found a solution!!! - if you go into Storyline and 'Insert Video' you will see that is imports fine but you know Replay doesn't like it. 

Preview it in Storyline then 'right click' on the video and there is an option to 'Export' rename it and voilà! when you import it in Replay it's the correct way around.

Happy Christmas! my gift to you :) 

Joe Tansengco

Hi Jeremy, 

Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue. I'd like to ask a few questions to help clarify your experience: 

Additionally, would you be willing to share a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a support case so we can take a look at what's happening with your video file? We are currently tracking a known issue that seems to flip .MOV files, so I'd like to see if the issue you're encountering is somewhat related.