Replay screen resolution, size and mouse movements

I'm trying to record a screen using Replay, but I'm not sure how to adjust the screen size in the actual Replay screen after I finish my recording. I'm used to being able to adjust the size of the video and the black background changes to the same size.

I've provided a video with two different settings used to show you what I mean:

1) Video with Replay recording window set to 796x528 and Window resolution set to 800x600 (Notice how the video shows in the corner and doesn't fill the whole window)

2) Video with Replay recording window set to 1276x612 and Window resolution set to 1920x1080 (Notice how the video expands the whole window. Also, the mouse clicks above the menus - even though I clicked on them during the recording)

Ideally, I would like a video that expands the full Replay window no matter what size I choose. I also want the mouse clicks to actually click where I click during the recording.

Using the following:

Replay 360

Windows Version 1709, 16299.1365

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Tonya, 

Thank you for sharing that video of what you are seeing! 

We're exploring these issues where Replay is adding width to screen recordings beyond what you set in the dimensions and the video not showing the correct location of your cursor. 

This is only occurring on some instances of Replay.

To help us nail down the root, could you share some details with me?

  • What Window's DPI setting is your Screen Resolution set to? The recommended setting for this is 96 DPI (or set to 100% scaling depending on which OS is being used)
  • Which version of Replay are you using? 
    You can locate this in Replay by navigating to the Help tab >> then clicking on 
    About Replay
  • Does this happen on all Screen Recordings (landscape, portrait, full screen, select window)?

In the meantime, I'll add this discussion to our report so we can keep you updated with any changes.