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Feb 22, 2023

Is there a way to only allow the user to advance by clicking Next when the timeline ends? I want the slide to advance by the user/when the user clicks Next, but I want the timeline to finish before they can do that. Do I need to add a condition? Thanks!

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Judy Nollet

If you want to disable the NEXT button until the timeline ends on a given slide, then using a trigger with a condition is the way to go.

If you want to disable the NEXT button until the timeline ends on all the slides, just set the Menu to Restricted navigation. 

This post has details about how to do that, as well as other ways to control NEXT (including with a trigger with a condition): 

Sherry1 Li

Hi all,

Thank you all. Now I know how to restrict the next or pre button. But I'm still a bit confused about how to remain the Next Button normal when revisiting the slide.

For example, I set when the timeline reaches 5s, the state of Next Button to Normal in slide 1.6 BD Document Handling Procedure.  When the timeline reaches 5s, I can click the Next Button to slide 1.7. When I go back to slide 1.6, I need to wait for 5s again to get the normal state of Next Button. So how to set a trigger or variable so that when I revisit this slide, the Next Button remains normal and do not need to wait for 5s again? 

The other one is the result slide, I set learner can retry the quiz once. When I click retry button, it goes to the question slide successfully. But when I submit the Q1 and click next, it goes to the next slide rather than Q2 question slide directly. Is there any way to only go through Qs slides when I retry the quiz


Judy Nollet

To prevent the NEXT button from disabling when the user returns to the slide, create a T/F variable, with a default value of False. Add a condition to the trigger that disables NEXT so it will only run when the variable is False. Also a trigger that changes the variable to True when the slide is "done." This is explained and demonstrated in the post that I linked to in my previous comment. 

This post explains how to skip the slides in between questions when reviewing or retrying a quiz: 

Judy Nollet

I took a quick look at your file. The triggers for adjusting the variables are in the wrong position. Currently, they come after the triggers that jump to another slide:

Storyline can't run a trigger if it's already left the slide the trigger is on. So you need to move the Set-variable triggers up so they appear before the triggers that leave the slide. (I've edited my post about reviewing/retrying non-adjacent questions so it now includes this info.)