Animation in Storyline through the Morph Transition

Nov 12, 2018

Some time ago, PowerPoint came out with a transition called Morph that literally morphs shapes, colors, strokes, graphics, etc. from one slide to the next. In other words, if you build a design on one slide, duplicate the slide, and make changes to the shapes on the second slide, the Morph transition will smoothly deform the shapes from the first slide to the next.

This transition is POWERFUL for animation. I feel that small animations of this kind are especially important for a product like Storyline. In a sense, the ability to build animations is one of the key features that I feel is missing from Storyline. If Articulate would consider adding the Morph transition to Storyline, it would allow users to animate the graphics on the screen with triggers, and I believe that would open up new worlds of possibility with Storyline.

Is this something you all would consider adding to Storyline?

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Katie Riggio

Hey, Cameron. Thanks for reaching out!

We're always looking at new features, so we appreciate you letting us know that having the Morph transition is important for your Storyline projects. I'm happy to share this discussion with our product team! 

If we make changes to the currently supported PowerPoint animations and transitions in Storyline 360, I promise we'll keep this conversation updated. Thanks for letting us know how we can make things better, Cameron! 🌟

Debra Woodley

Totally agree, Morph has been around for quite a while 2016,  I have asked about it before because of the labor intensive workaround required in Storyline to even come close to this type of effect.  I have been really discouraged by the lack of progress in Storyline lately.  I feel they are masking the lack of development by providing template and asset libraries.   Instead I wish they would focus on feature requests.   For example, universally change the caption style for the entire project (just like you can replace fonts).   This has been around in Captivate (global preferences) for eternity.  It is why my team struggles to use it for software simulations.  

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for chiming in to share your thoughts as well Debra. The request for the morph transition has been shared with our team.

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful. 

You are always welcome to share your feature requests directly with our team here.

A feature request for custom quick styles, including captions, is one that has been shared with our team previously as well and we're tracking. 

I'll add this conversation to the report as we track user requests and so that we can share any updates we have with you here.

Jerry Beaucaire

The MORPH ability would be a magnitude of improvement.  I spend a lot of time animating to move elements to a new position for the next scene.

The MORPH should move the identically tagged item from one scene to next including:

  • Text/Image x/y coordinates
  • element rotation
  • element transparency level
  • element recolor settings
  • element SIZE as a percentage (this would be so fabulous)
Matt Welton

I and the rest of our production team (8 Producers) use/used the Morph transition for e-learning courses and digital signage, even over other applications such as Adobe Animate (which is more powerful but not as "plug-n-play"). We've recently adopted Storyline 360 as our e-learning dev software, and what a difference it would make if that one transition was supported -- nothing comes close to it.

You might as well count this as 8 votes for adding the feature, perhaps even 20+ if I were to include our Instructional Designer team.