Articulate Review running very slow/refusing to load

Our reviewers are reporting that Articulate Review is very slow to load and/or will not load courses at all. They've cleared the cache and run internet speed tests and all is good. Any idea what's happening? Articulate Review is running as expected for me, but I have a SL360 account. Could that be the issue?

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Luciana Piazza

Hello NOnna!

I am sorry to hear that your reviewers are having trouble loading your courses. I understand that can be very frustrating to navigate.

In order to help you troubleshoot I have a few questions:

Please let me know about the additional details and we can help navigate a solution with your team.

Thanks so much!


NOnna Shtipelman

Good morning!

They were using Chrome and this is a new issue... the same people have been reviewing in Articulate Review for years. We are now thinking the issue may be related to our office internet as no one was having this issue when reviewing remotely.

I will ask about the network endpoints and will let you know if we discover anything else. We've submitted a help ticket within our organization as well.

Thanks so much!