Not sure why but my story seems to struggle to open in Firefox

Aug 04, 2022

I created a story (that has some javascript for pushing variables to a google sheet). After publishing it both for review 360 and onto our servers, I notice that the story has trouble loading in firefox where it sometimes will not load (only the pulsing 3 dots). Other times it loads after a long wait and once in a while (probably because of my cache?) it loads. It appears to load fine in my other browsers. 

This happens both in Review 360 and when loaded onto our server.

What I've tested/troubleshot

  • Sent the project to several people who also experienced similar difficulties
  • cleared my cache on firefox
  • updated firefox to the latest version

Is there anything I can be doing wrong with my export file? the total size of the export folder is 10mbs (I have brief audio recordings in the tool).

Any advice would be appreciated. Do let me know if there's any information I could share to help determine the cause of this issue.

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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

>I have brief audio recordings in the tool

do you have the current version of storyline - there was a fix for firefox audio last week

July 28, 2022 (Build 3.66.28355.0)

Fixed: Firefox 103 wouldn't load courses with media on the first slide.

If you don't have this version, update storyline and re-publish your course


If you have this version and the error persist, upload a course and post here the link

or open a support ticket

an give articulate the link