Jun 03, 2021

Greetings Community,

I have searched through "Attestation" posts, however, I cannot quite find the answer I am hoping to. 

I have a storyline project which has slide-based trainings. It is a simple endeavor. What the department would like is an attestation. This can occur within the existing training (preferred) or as a stand alone. We would want the attestation something which we can report on and or verify. 

Here is the desired workflow:

  • Learner starts the training and must review each slide. If any slides are skipped, then a complete status cannot be achieved. 
  • Once the learner views the last slide and advances, another slide appears which only states:
    • I have thoroughly reviewed this document
    • I will clarify any further questions with the Process Owner
  • Each statement will have a checkbox and both must be checked, otherwise a complete status cannot be achieved.
  • To receive a complete status, one would have to view every slide and click both check boxes.
  • A "Passed/Complete" or "Failed/Incomplete" results screen/popup is not needed. Perhaps a "Thank You, you may now exit out of this training" screen but this is not a deal breaker.

I tried using a quiz (multiple choice) but I cannot quite get it to function as desired. 




Update: I was able to get it loaded within the project as a survey. However, if the learner exits without checking the two boxes, they still get a complete status. I wanted the behavior to not count it complete until both boxes are checked. 

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Sally Wiedenbeck

To not allow completion unless both boxes are checked, you will need to add another slide beyond that page. Use triggers so that the next button is not available until both boxes are checked (I would actually just do this with checkbox input interactions, not a survey question - you can control with triggers more easily this way). Then, use getting to the very last slide as the completion trigger. That way they can't mark as complete until having checked both boxes. As you said, that last slide can just have basic "thank you, you may now exit" text on it.