Audio cuts out when using Edge and Chrome - Storyline 360


When viewing my published Storyline 360 course from our LMS, one of the audio files stop playing about 2/3 the way through. This was occurring with Edge and Chrome, but it  played as expected in Fire Fox, but unfortunately my organization cannot use Fire Fox. I ran all of the recent updates for Storyline, republished, and it fixed the issue for the audio file, but then the same issue occurred on a different audio file (stop playing 2/3 way through). When I republish it seems to correct the audio glitch,  but then the issue pops up elsewhere - a vicious cycle. Please help!


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Lauren Connelly

Hello cassandra!

We're happy to help figure out why the audio is stopping! It would be best for our team to look at your course to see where the glitch might be. If you're comfortable sharing your project publicly, then you can attach it to this discussion. You can submit a support case to share it privately with us.

I'm eager to see what the fix is!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Linah!

I'm happy to help! Are you publishing for LMS or Web? If you're publishing for LMS, I'd recommend testing your course in another LMS environment like SCORM cloud to see if the audio stops in all LMS environments. Secondly, are your Chrome and Edge browsers up to date?

If you'd like us to test the course on our end, you can attach the .story file to this public discussion or share it privately in a support case.

Linah Tul-Jamil

Hello Lauren,

I tested the course in SCORM cloud in IE, Chrome and Edge browsers. The course worked as expected in IE however, I experienced the audio chopping off issue in Chrome and Edge. All three browsers are up to date. 

I also noted that the CC button disappeared when I relaunched the course in SCORM Cloud. It reappeared when I went to the previous slide and then clicked the Next button to come back to the slide from where I resumed the course. This issue is consistent throughout all three browsers.