Audio fading in?

I've had this issue since upgrading to Storyline 360. When I import audio, the very beginning sounds like it's fading in and cutting off a millisecond of the audio. I don't know why this is happening or how to fix it. I have tried updating Storyline, rebooting my computer, saving and closing, re importing the audio. 

Can someone help me out?  

I am attaching the Storyline file and my audio file.  Please excuse the state of the file. I was just starting and hadn't gotten very far.  :) 

Thank you all in advance!

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Katie Riggio

Sorry that's happening, Stacy. Thanks for sharing your file, and I'd love to help you investigate!

I'm having some trouble reproducing any audio issues in Storyline 360 (Update 32) during preview and in the published output. A few clarifying questions to help us explore further:

  • Can I confirm that you're working on a local hard drive? Working on a shared drive can cause such behavior, so I always like to rule that out as the culprit!
  • Do you hear the issue during preview, in the published output, or both?
  • How does the audio sound in the published output here?
Stacy Rempel

That's so strange! I do not hear the delay in your published output.  

To answer your questions: 

  • I am working on a local hard drive
  • I do hear the issue in preview and when published on Review
  • I did make sure I update my Storyline to, what I assume, is the newest version

I'm going to try to publish to a different format and see if that works.  

Lynn Rimer Caissy

I am having the same issues when importing audio to slides. The original audio files are clear with consistent sound, but after inserting, the first word or two fades in. I’d love a solution. I’m trying to increase volume on the first words in every slide as a fix but it’s not very satisfactory.



Ren Gomez

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for reaching out, and I understand how the workaround can take valuable development time. Are you able to share your file and the original audio with our team?

If so, please share those files with our support team using the link below, and they can lend a hand with troubleshooting the issue!

Share your files with us.

Liyana Naznim

Is there any solution for this? I'm having the same issue. The original audio files are clear with consistent sound, but after inserting, the first word or two fades.

I tried to add additional words at the beginning hoping that I could cut the fading words in Storyline, but after cutting the extra words, I could see the audio wave started to fade.