Audio issue on mobile bluetooth

Feb 09, 2018

Hi all,

we are developping courses that contains audio and our audience complete those courses on their mobile phone. When inserting an audio (wav or mp3), it plays ok on the phone speaker, but if we want to use a bluetooth headphone, no sounds come out. Play media option is enable in the bluetooth settings.

We found a work around by converting our audio into a video format (mp4), but this bring another (and useless) step in our developpement.

Phone used are androids OS

Any one came across the same issue?

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Katie Riggio

So sorry to hear of this sound issue – I'd be happy to further investigate this for you, Sébastien!

A few questions for you:

  • Is this sound issue project-specific? If you create a new, test course and insert an .mp3/.wav file – does the audio play on your bluetooth headphones? If this behavior is happening on one or more specific Storyline files – are you able to share one of those project files with us here, so that we can take a closer look? Feel free to share it privately here.
  • Can I confirm what version of Storyline you're using?
  • What browser(s) are your learners experiencing the no sound issue on?

I'll be standing by!

Sébastien Pronovost

Hi Katie,

thx for jumping in. We have this issue with several of our projects. Basicly i can create a blank slide and insert a mp3 or wav to play on timeline start or even from a play button and get this issue.

We test on android device using chrome version 55, 63 and the latest 64.

The sounds comes out perfectly if using the build in speaker or even wired headphones.

thank you

Katie Riggio

Thanks for the extra information, Sébastien! This one is definitely puzzling.

I created a test .story file under the following conditions:

  • Slide 1 plays an MP3 file
  • Slide 2 plays a WAV file

My team and I are unable to recreate the no sound issue with my file after publishing it to Articulate 360. We tested it on an Android device, running Chrome (version 64), and on bluetooth headphones. Here's that file in Review, and I've attached its .story file below.

Can you tell me a little more about the publish format, and where you're publishing the content (Web, LMS)? Have you also tried disconnecting and reconnecting the bluetooth headphones to see if that helps? I'm thinking it may be a pairing issue, but I'd be happy to run some more tests!