Audio start after all button/layers have been visited and CLOSED?

Nov 20, 2012

i have a slide in which the viewer has to click on 7 buttons (each of which opens their own layer, each of which has it's own audio file). After the viewer clicks and closes all of those other layers, I would like an audio file to play. There's an audio file at the beginning of the slide, too. So there's an audio file with instructions, the viewer clicks through all 7 buttons and views those layers and listens to the audio on those layers, and then ideally there would be closing narration after all the buttons have been viewed.

I can get it so the audio file will play after all these 7 buttons are pushed if the viewer presses the play button again (through variables and triggers), and I can get it to play while the last of the layers is open (by putting the last audio file on it's own layer which will start when all the buttons are visited). But I want it to not start until all of the 7 button layers are closed. 

Do I just need to give up and put the closing narration on the next slide? This will get a little difficult because each button has a visited state that looks different from the starting state, so it won't be easy to fit the two slides together seamlessly enough so the viewer doesn't realize they went to a new slide. 

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Katie Venit

That seems promising... I'm still having problems though. Even though I set up the triggers like you did, the buttons are still saying they're visited once I click on them, not when I click on the x to close the layers (even though I set to trigger up that way). I don't have a hover or down state. Is that the problem?

I'd share the slide with you but I can't figure out a way to save just that slide.

Mike Enders

Quick workaround.

1. Delete the built-in visited state on each button

2. Add a new it what you like and give it the same properties that you had on the built-in visited state

3. Now set your triggers to that newly created state instead of your visited states.

I've attached an updated example

Mike Enders

Hi Eydie,

The difference between markers and the approach listed here (buttons and layers) is that we're using a trigger on the slide layers to change those unique button states to visited. So, as the last layer closes, we can control that audio playing. However, markers and their labels don't have a similar mechanism. We don't have a trigger that says "When the marker closes..." in which to evaluate whether the audio should play. My hunch is, that's the challenge you're running into. 


Eydie  Castro

The timeline of the screen where the Markers are being used sets the other triggers.  I have tried using the audio in another layer. 

It only worked once and that was because I clicked on the markers before the screen timeline ended. 

What I am trying to accomplish is have the main screen play, the user clicks the markers to get the additional information.  When done with all the markers (on Visited state), play the "click Next" audio so they know that they can proceed at that point.  Just like I have done with other screens with buttons, layers, etc.

Mike Enders

Hi Eydie,

So what's happening is the "when timeline ends" trigger is only going to fire (evaluate) that one time (when the timeline ends). So if the trigger says, "play that 'click Next' audio file when the timeline ends IF the state of the markers are all visited", the audio will only play if you've already clicked every marker before the timeline reaches the end.

It's a subtle nuance, but "when timeline ends" (a one-time event/evaluation) is different than "if the timeline has already ended" (keep evaluating). There is no "keep evaluating after the timeline ends" trigger, but what we can do is create a trigger that continuously evaluates the states of the markers.

"Play Media, 'click Next', When the state of Marker 1, Marker 2, Marker 3, etc., is Visited." This will cause the audio file to fire once you've visited each marker. Note that you'll need to add the visited state to each marker for this to work. 

I hope this helps!

Melor Alui


I am new to articulate and also having the same issue. I wanted to play the audio only after the users have visited the 5 layers.

I did as recommended to put the state of all images that link to layers to visited to play the audio but it does not work.

I then created a new state and named it, still the same issue. Anyone can help how do i add the correct trigger for this scenario? Thanks.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Melor,

Thanks for sharing what you would like to create with your project.

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.