buttons not working in preview

Nov 05, 2020

All of a sudden when I preview a slide the buttons to layers or other slides are not working. If I preview a scene they work. WHAT's going on with SL3??? Help please!

Well, I just discovered if I insert a new shape and give it a trigger to show a layer THAT works. This is beyond frustrating. Does this mean I will have to replace EVERY shape and button to get it to work?

I'm wondering if this is related to having to divide out my original file in order to export for translation and then importing into the divided file?

PLEASE get the translation bugs fixed!

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Erik Moreau


I just came across a curious bug (maybe).

I was having an issue with a button appearing differently between edit and preview mode.

I created a new button and worked backwards from default to the look I was going for. The button and states functioned as expected until I removed the Fill. If there is no fill to the button, it seems to go unresponsive to hovering and I can't click it either. One I put a white fill, in this case, the button functions as desired.

Is this normal and expected behavior?



Erik Moreau

Hi john.

I've created a dummy project with just a button.

When I remove the fill, the button does not change states. UNLESS, I rest the mouse over the border. So, I removed the border and rest my mouse over the button and the states do not change.

I look forward to your feedback and Thanks for looking into this.


John Morgan

Hi Erik,

Thanks for sharing the file! I see the dilemma now. As it turns out, this is the expected behavior of buttons because without a fill they can't be selected.

A workaround for this is to set the transparency of the fill to 100%. That allows you to see through them, but the mouse will still recognize the fill.

I hope this helps!